We have a wide array of enhancements to improve your skincare experieince.
Available at: Maggie Valley

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Collagen Modeling Mask

Rehydrate and revitalize when you add a collagen modeling mask to any facial service!


Vitamin C Modeling Mask

Nourish and brighten your skin with our specialized Vitamin C Modeling Mask!


Eyebrow Tinting

Book an eyebrow tinting to darken, shift the color, or add definition to your brows.


Radio Frequency

Stimulate collagen production at the cellular level and improve tone and texture with our radio frequency treatment.


Decollate and Neck

Why stop at with the face? Extend your new glow to include your neck and collar! Addressing these areas can tighten the skin and reduce signs of early aging.


Hand Treatment

Do you experience dry hands, whether it be from the dry season, or regular hand washing/sanitizing? Our hand treatment is a great way to reintroduce moisture and leave your hands feeling smooth and supple.


Lip Treatment

Include a lip treatment with your facial to remedy dry or cracked lips and complete your new complexion.


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