Day Spa Packages

We have artfully put together several of our modalities that weave together nicely to enhance your relaxation experience. Explore our many options or give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Samadhi (Oneness)

Lounge with a foot soak and sugar scrub massage in a copper foot bath, and then unwind with a full body massage

Ahimsa (Self-Care)

One-hour deep tissue massage followed by a one-hour Microdermabrasion facial.

Shanti (Peace)

Similar to our Samadhi package, this package not only offers a 30-minute foot soak and a 60-minute full body massage, but also a 30-minute express facial for a complete feeling of renewal.

Cacao Ceremony

This ritualistic practice involves drinking a ceremonial dose of roasted cacao for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. As the cacao is consumed, participants are guided on a meditative journey which may include breath work, visualization and meditation techniques.

Rasa (Nectar)

A calming and uplifting Ayurvedic treatment, including shirodhara, marma point therapy, nasya, and reflexology.

Maitri (Loving-Kindness)

Enjoy an afternoon with your sweetheart or a friend with a 30 minute calm foot soak, 60 minute couples massage, and wine and fruit on our deck overlooking Jonathans creek and the smoky mountains. Feel free to take this treatment inside if the weather doesn't permit!

Karuna (Compassion)

This ayurveda package begins with an Indian head massage using healthy hair oil by banyan to promote hair growth and revitalize the mind, and then moves to a 60 minute warm oil Abhyanga massage and concludes with nasya and marma on the head and face.