Rebranding FAQ – Soon to be Sundarah Wellness!

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The Maggie Valley Wellness Center will have a new name and face! Starting in November, we will be transitioning to our new brand name, Sundarah Wellness. While we move through this exciting process, we wanted to cover some of the common questions we expect to hear. As always, we are forever grateful for your time spent with us, and the opportunity to propel you further on your wellness journey each and every day. Please feel free to reach out should you have any further questions.


Q. Why have you decided to rebrand?
A. At the turn of the year from 2022/2023, our Wellness Center suffered a catastrophic flood event from a burst water pipe on the second floor, due to an unprecedented arctic blast over Christmas break. It took nearly six months to repair the building and return to full operations. Out of necessity, and by the grace of the Yoga Bodywork Collective (previously the Waynesville Yoga Center), we were able to perform massage at a limited capacity out of their studio in Waynesville for the entirety of that time. All the while, it felt strange to tell people that we were Maggie Valley Wellness in Waynesville. Today, after the completion of the repairs, and having returned to our studio in Maggie Valley, we have realized the potential for growth in the talent and services we have collected, which may be limited by our existing brand name. While we continue to offer massage in Waynesville with the Collective and still have the potential to offer more services across Haywood County and beyond, we decided a change in branding, not limited to our first home, would be the best course of action for our growth into the future.

Q. How did you decide on your new name and logo?
A. Sundara (सुन्दर) is a Sanskrit word, commonly used to mean beauty, or that something is pleasing to the senses. Since the burst water pipe and subsequent renovations to our building, we have steered towards cooler color tones, and minimalistic decor. These inspirations led us towards a simple name, beautiful in both its meaning and tone. The use of Sanskrit is meant to honor our ayurvedic and yogic practitioners, as well as the diverse range of wellness practices we offer. (The Romanized spelling of the word tends to vary, so we opted to use the more unique Sundarah, to help differentiate ourselves from other businesses.)

Our logo depicts a great blue heron in flight, which symbolizes our daily intention of providing people with tranquility and balance, and our desire of moving this practice ever upward. The choice of the blue heron is also a nod to our home location in Maggie Valley. Not only are these majestic birds native to the wetlands of NC and much of North America, but we also happen to have one that occasionally visits the creek behind our back deck! Rarely we can still catch a glimpse of our furtive friend just before it takes off and silently soars away.

Q. Has there been a change in ownership?
A. Ownership of the studio has not changed. Candra is still at the helm, and she is the lead architect of our rebranding!


Q. Will this change affect anything about your two locations?
A. We continue to provide massage in Waynesville with the Yoga Bodywork Collective even after the completion of our repairs and our return to Maggie Valley. We will soon operate in both locations under Sundarah Wellness and always ensure that it is clear which location you are scheduling for, whether you are booking online, or through phone or email.

Q. Does the rebranding signify a change in therapists, services, or prices?
A. Other then some tidying up, no significant changes are planned for the current menu, and no therapists will be affected. We will be hiding some lesser-booked options for simplicity on our website, but as always, we invite you to ask if you do not see a service that you wish to book!

As for treatments in each location, we will continue to offer our full menu of services in Maggie Valley, while our menu in Waynesville will focus on massage, ayurveda, and occasional workshops!

Q. Will there be any changes to how we book appointments?
A. While this has little to do with the rebrand directly, we will be shifting our online booking software to a new provider, Square Appointments, by December. The main reason we have decided to make this change is the improvements we will see in the client experience when booking online, and access to a physical terminal to make the checkout process for appointments even easier. For existing clients: we are working on transferring your contact information so that your profiles will still be active in our system. However, the transfer of billing information has proven to be unfeasible between the two systems, so the billing information we have saved for you will be deleted for data security by our previous provider, Mindbody, once our subscription ends at the beginning of December. Once you book with us again, we will need to renew your billing information for our new system, according to our cancellation policy.

For those who prefer to book via phone, our number will not change (828-944-0288), and will be used to book at both locations.

For those looking to book in person, we recommend visiting our home location in Maggie Valley (461 Moody Farm Rd.), or giving us a call at the number above.

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