Seasonal Cleanse

Seasonal Cleanse

Detox and refresh with our seasonal cleanses, a comprehensive three-week diet plan to keep the body in balance throughout the year.

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As the sun begins to strengthen in the sky, our digestive fire begins to reduce. Our appetite becomes lighter and we crave the more easy to digest foods as a result. This cleanse offers us a perfect time to reset the digestive system for the new seasons ahead and to begin those transitions. It offers us time to remove toxins, revitalize our energy, and restore vitality to our being.

With our one-on-one seasonal cleanse, Candra will guide you through a comprehensive three-week plan. This includes an initial 60 minute consultation (in-person recommended), and weekly/as needed correspondence throughout the cleanse period, where she will provide detailed written recommendations for grocery lists, recipes, herbal remedies, and daily practices to balance your Dosha and help you feel refreshed and renewed.


Initial consult is bookable online or by phone.

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